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Highlander Stills

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Anybody , Moderated
An icon making contest for the TV series Highlander.
Welcome to hl_stills! This is an icon challenge community focused on Highlander the Series.

A new challenge will be posted every three weeks. We have provided a Photobucket Account with loads of screencaps which can be found here. After the challenge is posted, you will have 19 days to complete your entries. All icons must be entered before the time specified in the challenge post.

Voting will be posted shortly after the entry period closes, and voting lasts for two days. Winners are announced once the voting is closed. Banners will be created for all winners.

1. Icons must fit the LJ standard: no bigger than 100x100 pxl and 40 KB, JPG, and PNG format.

2. Enter your icons and their URLs as a comment to the challenge post (all comments are screened). The links must work for as long as possible.

3. Brushes, textures, image layering... everything is allowed in your icons, unless otherwise stated. NO Animation.

4. You may enter up to five (5) icons in any contest, unless otherwise stated.

5. Do not use previously-made icons.

6. Challenges run every three weeks. Reminders will be posted.


1. You may not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

2. You may not post or publicize your icons before the contest ends.

3. No cheating. IP addresses will be turned on and checked. This is your only warning. Violators will be banned.

You don't have to enter icons in the challenge in order to vote. You also don't have to be a member to vote. But you *do* have to have an LJ or Open ID account - anonymous votes will not be counted. Please, don't vote for yourself and don't ask others to come and vote for you. If you wish to use any of the challenge icons, please ask first in a comment to the voting. Have fun, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask the mods.

Community layout, design, and artwork by the talented and remarkable jhava.